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Spinning Up Memories

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As many of you know, we here at Pawleys Island Gun Dogs (PIGD) have a versatile set of skills and experience. We have our hands in the upland game hunting ring and retrieving as well as the AKC show ring between the five dogs. We wanted to take the time to showcase the Spinoni adventures in the AKC show ring during a once-in-a-lifetime adventure of showing in four states. This blog post will follow Jill and Michelle Smith Wolcott, who is a Professional AKC Dog Handler, as they travel to Delaware, Missouri, Colorado, and Oregon with two Spinoni, two German Short Hair Pointers (GSP), and two Sussex Spaniels and not only make memories on the road but also collect achievements in the ring.

Let's meet the pups!

Moose - Spinone Italiano

Gia - Spinone Italiano

Winston- German Shorthaired Pointer

Maria- German Shorthaired Pointer

Oliver- Sussex Spaniel

Franny- Sussex Spaniel

Okay now that the gangs all here it's time to load up and head to our first destination- Bear, Delaware!

Our crew had a fantastic first few days in Bear. Moose picked up his first Major with a Best of Winners while being handled by Michelle. Gia got a Select Bitch for some nice Grand Champion Points and then earned an Owner Handled Group 3 placement as well. On day two, Gia earned: Best of Breed, Owner Handled Best of Breed, & Owner Handled Group 2. Moose earned Winners Dog and Best of Winners. Michelle's group did just as well with the following awards being earned by Maria, Oliver, and Franny-

Oliver: Best of Breed (x3), Best of Opposite

Franny: Select Bitch (x2)

Maria: Best of Breed, Select Bitch

And that's a wrap for Bear, DE. Next stop- Latrobe, Pennsylvania to pick up Winston

While the gang was in Bear, DE, Winston was back home in Latrobe, PA getting in some field training. He will be joining us for Nationals and will be handled by Michelle. Check out the pup's travel accommodations while the humans navigate the roads.

Once we've picked up Winston, our next stop is Gray Summit, Missouri! Our trip to Gray Summit will take us through several states over the ten-hour leg including West Virginia, Ohio, Illinois, & Indiana. We’re looking forward to seeing what’s in store for us in Missouri!

Queue “On the Road Again” by Willie Nelson

While we were on the road today, Jill got some exciting Gia mail and received her copy of Gia’s ad in the Spinone National catalog and we think the editors brought amazing light to Gia and the incredible Spinone breed. This ad highlights some of Gia & Jill’s major accomplishments while in the show ring and we can not wait to get our hands on a physical copy of the catalog!

We had quite a bit of success at Purina Farms in Gray Summit on day one! Our group was able to take home the following awards and accolades:

Winston - Select Dog

Maria - Select Bitch

Oliver - Best of Breed and made the cut in Groups

Franny - Best of Opposite

Moose - Best of Breed

Gia - Best of Opposite, Owner Handled Best of Breed, and Owner Handled Group 2

While we experienced some torrential downpours from some severe weather moving in from the plains, some members of the group had their own feelings about being groomed rather than staying muddy.

Day two at Purina Farms and we‘re not leaving empty-handed. Everyone showed great and put on their best before our next stop. Here’s how everyone did today:

Oliver - Best of Breed

Franny- Best of Opposite and she got new panties!

Gia - Best of Breed and Owner Handled Best of Breed

Moose - Best of Opposite

Winston - Select Dog

Maria - Showed Great

Our time in Missouri was successful and we are loaded up and headed to our next destination: Estes Park, Colorado for the German Shorthaired Pointer Nationals!

Alexa! Play “I’ve Been Everywhere” by Johnny Cash

We made a quick overnight stop in Salina, Kansas before picking up the thirteen-hour hike from Missouri to Colorado. We will make our way through the heart of Kansas and hopefully won’t find Dorothy or Toto along the way before crossing into Colorado. The newest game we‘ve been playing is “Why did the armadillo cross the road?”

Shortly after getting settled in the hotel room, Jill and Moose made some new friends with some local elk while Moose was on a much-needed bathroom break. Franny on the other hand didn’t want to see the elk.

We are all settled in for the night and looking forward to what tomorrow holds for everyone especially for Winston & Maria as they compete in the German Shorthaired Pointer Nationals!

Jill’s travel outtakes

Take-aways, crushed potato chips, Van 🚐 camping at the closest Pilot. Where the heck are all the Starbucks? Cheeto bags become pillows at altitude, visiting wildlife while walking dogs. FB hack. Happy Mother’s Day. Safe and sound in Estes Park, Colorado.

Also having a real-life “Dust In the Wind” by Kansas while driving through Kansas

Just like Gia, Oliver has also gotten some happy mail and got his own magazine advertisement for his achievements

Time to showcase the German Shorthaired Pointers!

Winston was among the Top 25 German Shorthaired Pointers for 2021 and was number 5 in breed and was invited to compete in the Top 25 GSPCA National Specialty.

Camo has joined us from Texas and took home 3rd Place Dual Champion and 2nd Place at the 2022 Regional Speciality.

German Shorthaired Pointers National in Estes Park Colorado is a wrap!! We had excellent results...Winston was 2nd Award of Merit at the NATIONAL out of 55 males. Maria made it all the way down to the final cut of 39 bitches at the national. Camo was 2nd in his field dog class and 3rd in Dual dog!! Talon and Quinn both showed great!! The Myrtle Beach raffle basket my mom put together for me won for Best Geographical Representation!! It was cold, dry & hard to breathe but gorgeous.

And finally, we are off to our final destination on this crazy road trip- Lebanon, Oregon! This show will be the Spinone National Speciality and both Gia and Moose will be showing! We are so excited for this final leg of the trip and to showcase this incredible breed!

Over the last two weeks, we have traveled over 3,600 miles to showcase these incredible dogs and all of their talents. This indeed has been a once-in-a-lifetime trip for us and we are embodying Randy Travis' "King of the Road."

Jill & Gia attended the Spinone Club of America Top 20 Dinner and brought home two gorgeous ribbons to add to the growing collection. These ribbons signify that Gia was among the top 20 Spinone Italiano‘s in 2022 (#8) and Jill and Gia were among the top 20 in the National Owner Handled Series (#2). Moose also got his own special shout out at the dinner during the slide show presentation. These awards are incredible and so we’ll deserved because Jill and Gia have put in so much hard work into the show ring and are continuing to grow and learn as a team. The crew has a few days off and will show on Wednesday and Friday! We can’t wait to see them shine!

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